Recent Factory Automation News for July 12, 2023

, by Jim Ryan, 1 min reading time

Heat and welding manufacturing environments are an issue, according to some (noted here yesterday as a target for cost cutting on robotic welding floors.) Now OSHA is looking into how a proposed new federal rule that would reduce heat levels in manufacturing and other work environments might affect small businesses, holding Small Business Advocacy Review Panel meetings this summer. Perhaps OSHA will hear the alternative view, expressed, as The Fabricator notes, by Miles Free of at the Precision Machined Products Association: "[T]his proposed rule is simply a solution in search of a problem that does not exist in the precision machining industry."

Murata Machinery USA and Cimcorp are reorganizing this year, in order to integrate their technical operations, The Fabricator reports.

You may have heard that in warehouse automation, the systems will be increasingly aware of the location of human workers, as well as robots, for the sake of safety and efficiency.

Thinking Caps Research & Consultancy is forecasting a grown in the factory automation market to $249.29B by 2028. Similarly, Allied Market Research is predicting a growth of the automation market in automotive manufacturing to $13.60B by 2027. Compare these figures with projections noted here in yesterday's news. More on what's driving the growth from Joe Bush at The Manufacturer.

Scania has been automating its truck body production line in Oskarshamn, Sweden, using an industrial internet of things point of view and 288 robots.

Marine Link, a shipping industry magazine, has an article on mobile welding robots in shipbuilding. These are called MR4Weld: mobile robot for weld.

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