Recent Factory Automation News for July 13, 2023

, by Jim Ryan, 1 min reading time

Conferences: The 2023 RoboBusiness conference will be held October 18 - 19 in Santa Clara, California. Also, the Robotic Grinding and Finishing conference for this year takes place this month: July 25 - 26 in Minneapolis ("Learn how to successfully implement robotic grinding and finishing systems.") Plus, Automation provides a nice schedule of such events here, including a CODESYS conference, Automatica 2023, Industrial Transformation USA 2023 (an industry 4.0 focussed conference), and more. AWS also has a welding conference listing. Don't forget about FABTECH 2023 - stop by our booth to say hello and get some fun hands-on training with proxes and metal samples

Markets: We noted yesterday that the robotic weld cell market is projected by Global Insight Services to grow by 6.8% CAGR; there is another press release on this today and here is the report site. MENAFN projects a welding machinery market rise by CAGR 6.7% CAGR from $13B to $25B from 2022 to 2032. As for industrial automation software, Skyquest projects that this market will show an increase from $206B in 2022 to $442B by 2030 (an 8.84% CAGR). And finally, spherical robots: This market is projected by MENAFN to rise by 7.6% CAGR, from $1.6B to $3.4B over the next ten years.

Political back-and-forth: Some politicians saying that the Biden administration is letting China take the lead in auto manufacturing ("[B]y using the EPA to institute government mandates and restrictions, he is handing the keys of America's auto future to China," House member Cathy Rodgers said.) Meanwhile the administration says that the opposite is true.

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