Recent Factory Automation News for July 25, 2023

Recent Factory Automation News for July 25, 2023

, by Jim Ryan, 1 min reading time

Cybersecurity researchers have demonstrated the feasibility of an attack they call Dead Man's PLC, which would be used for the purpose of extortion.

Should the victim make an attempt to alter the environment under adversary control or not pay their ransom in time, DM-PLC will activate a trigger akin to a Dead Man’s switch, causing all PLCs to set their outputs to an ‘ON’ state, resulting in chaos within the victim’s physical environment. has news about the (possibly) impending UPS strike. Negotiations have until EOD July 31st. UPDATE: The negotiations have supposedly reached a settlement just now. Looks like strike averted.

There will be a new EV battery plant operating in Kokomo, IN, USA by 2027.

You've heard of parts-per-shift. Husco International is looking at parts per six-second period. It's building a new variable-force solenoid for the automotive valves it manufactures and it is using SCARA and six-axis robots to "produce a fully assembled and tested solenoid every 6.1 seconds."

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