Recent Factory Automation News for July 26, 2023

Recent Factory Automation News for July 26, 2023

, by Jim Ryan, 1 min reading time

Evidently "the rules of laser cutting management have changed."

Time Sensitive Networking is a networking protocol "supported by all the major industrial networking protocol organizations." TSN provides "a real-time capable layer 2 in Ethernet." More on that here. A Cisco PDF on TSN is here. I used Java real-time a bit in my software development days; The explanation of Java Real-Time at the Oracle site sheds light. If you want the quick explanation, it's this. Real-time means the events in your process occur (are executed) in the correct (as programmed) order. It doesn't mean "fast" (although it usually has to be quite fast to keep events in correct order when they follow upon one another in close succession.) If your process says to put the piece of metal into the cell, weld it, and then move it out of the cell, you want your devices to execute this program in order, yes? A different order, due to some latency or lack of processing coordination, will not be even remotely acceptable.

On that note, industrial robotics is having an effect on global internet structure.

Kollmorgen is tightening up is delivery options, offering express delivery.

Mahindra is open for business from American manufacturers.

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