Recent Factory Automation News for September 18, 2023

Recent Factory Automation News for September 18, 2023

, by Jim Ryan, 1 min reading time

By all accounts FABTECH 2023 was a great convention. Weld Dynamix had a very high level of positive, stimulating activity at our booth. We'll have photos posted here soon. While I was there I asked many random attendees and exhibitors how the show was going for them and all responses were positive, most very positive. So, if you take my experience at FABTECH 2023 as a reasonable finger in the wind, metal fabrication is, as James Brown put it, thinking "I feel good" at the moment. Not an bit of gloom-and-doom was detected.

Tom Krisher reports on what's at stake in the Big 3 strike, over at Manufacturing.net.

Kaspersky has a report out on changing industrial cybersecurity threats in the first half of 2023. Ana Ribeiro has the details.

In response to some metallurgists' concern about new advanced high-strength steels' susceptibility to embrittlement, Auto/Steel Partnership has published new laboratory test procedures. MetalForming Magazine has the story including a link to the publication.

Manufacturing.net has the latest Today in Manufacturing podcast out with lot's of intriguing stories. The podcast is a bit long, but the timestamps for the stories you want to see are provided in the post.

Manufacturing Automation has a Future of Automation online this Wednesday afternoon.

New gadgets: KHK has announced a large line of metric spur gears: over 8,000 configurations. And Scansonic has announced a new advanced optical sensor for weld seams.

Craig Davey reports on robot welders in nuclear reactors in the UK.

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