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, by Jim Ryan, 1 min reading time

Blogging will be a little light around here this week. We're doing a multi-state tour of some factories looking at weld cells and talking with their users about their needs. Weld slag burns out proximity sensors and cables. One team we spoke with yesterday are quite pleased with the sensors and cable protection we gave them to try two months ago. They are holding up to the abuse dealt by the weld cells: heat, slag, and impacts. They brought us in the show us more about the sensors' performance, give training on how inductive proximity sensors work, and make converts of other employees in the plant. They showed us the devastation wrought by weld slag. Will post some pictures later.

Bring us in to your factory for some very, very inexpensive hands-on training in how to use proxes. Try our sensors, cables, and cable protection out for yourself.

No more burned out proxes and cables.

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