In Weld Cells Today - Our Flat Pack Takes Abuse

In Weld Cells Today - Our Flat Pack Takes Abuse

, by Jim Ryan, 1 min reading time

As I mentioned, we are on tour of several factories this week, talking with several teams about their weld cells. Here are a couple of shots of our "flat pack" sensor and the abuse it takes, as well as our cable protection.

In the first one, the flat back is facing upwards in the center right of the photo. Our ACTIVFLEX cable protection is in use. Both are bearing up after nine months. Our sensor replaced a sensor of another brand which failed every month, requiring replacement. The Weld Dynamix sensor stopped all failures in this location. Now that they have our sensor in place, they have eliminated a lot of downtime. One and done.

A close-up of the sensor. Notice that it's dirty but no spatter is adhering to the sensor itself. Spatter clings to the mount around the edges of the sensor. The cable protection has sloughed off all slag and is holding up well. Nine months.

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