Need to Use an Unshielded Prox for Long Range Detection? We Have Your Mount!

Need to Use an Unshielded Prox for Long Range Detection? We Have Your Mount!

, by Jim Ryan, 1 min reading time

We also have your sensor. But let's focus on the mount.

You need long-range detection, so you've selected a 30 mm unshielded prox. You want to mount it so that it's protected and because of the tight space where it needs to be located.

It would be great to mount the prox flush, instead of having it stick out like a sore thumb that's going to keep getting whacked by the abuse delivered by your weld cell.

If only there were a mount for your 30 mm prox that was

  • Inductively transparent, like it wasn't even there as far as your prox could tell
  • Tough: able to withstand all the collisions, heat, and spatter that a weld cell delivers to it.

Weld Dynamix has your mount: the "Cube 40":

Look at the massive nose made of totally inductively transparent material that is tough as nails, mounted on a machined steel base. Here is the web page for the mount, where you'll also find a link to the spec sheet.

Now, you're probably thinking, "Okay, it's inductively transparent. My unshielded sensor can't see it. But it's tough, too? How tough can it be?"

Let us show you. Watch all 2:23 of this video. The punishment meted out by the sledge hammer gets worse and worse over those two minutes.

Yeah, it's tough.

Now what about the sensor? Weld Dynamix has a 30 mm unshielded prox that is coated with ACTIVSTONE to be impervious to weld spatter. The sensor also has a long axial range: up to 40 mm. It is a Factor 1 sensor, so it detects all metals well:

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