Weld Cell Audits, Inductive Proximity Sensors, Cabling, and Mounts

, by Jim Ryan, 2 min reading time

I almost wonder why weld cell audits are done. I've been reading weld cell audit reports, and I see a lot of repetition across weld cells and across factories. Here are the issues that come up over and over again:

  • Burnt out inductive proximity sensors, covered and damaged by weld slag
  • Burnt out cables, covered and damaged by weld slag
  • Minimal mounting of the aforementioned sensors, leaving them vulnerable to heat and impact, as well as weld slag

Why doesn't the audit team simply send a letter saying, "If we did the audit, we'd find burnt out proxes and cables, and inadequate mounts for the proxes, resulting in proxes damaged by heat and impact. Yes? There's your trouble. You don't need us."

But of course, there are two reasons the audits are instead done. First, it is hoped that the auditors have ways of reducing these issues marginally, enough to make the cost of the audit worthwhile. Second, there are a few other issues besides the three mentioned above that the auditors can indeed help with. But the trouble is that the auditors have no complete solution to the three issues mentioned above. For example, one suggestion has been to the replacement proxes in a vending machine near the weld cells, so that maintenance techs have them closeby for their frequent replacements they must do.

How about an actual solution? Weld Dynamix has it.

  • Proxes that don't burn out. Install them. One and done.
  • Cables that don't burn out. Install them. One and done.
  • Mounts that are robust and that protect the proxes.
  • Proxes that stand up to impact. Watch them do it.


  1. Weld Dynamix proxes and cables are coated with Activstone coatings, so that they are immune to weld slag.
  2. Weld Dynamix proxes are shielded, so they may be flush mounted, protecting them from slag and impact and giving them a better heat sink in the mount.
  3. The proxes have great axial range, so that the flush mounting is not a range concern.
  4. Don't want to replace your cables? Use Weld Dynamix cable protection. It slips right on in seconds, without your having to disconnect either end of the cable.

In conclusion:

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