Why Use Metal-Faced Sensors that Fail? Use the Ones that Don't!

Why Use Metal-Faced Sensors that Fail? Use the Ones that Don't!

, by Jim Ryan, 1 min reading time

What is that picture above? Its the Weld Dynamix WSI stainless-faced inductive proximity sensor - half coated with ACTIVSTONE - an extreme-duty coating protecting it from weld slag and spatter.  You can see the weld spatter likes the unprotected metal half (right), but doesn't like the coated half (left) - more on that picture later.

If your brand of coated metal faced sensors end up needing replacement like these below - what is the reason for the failure?  First, note how the weld slag stuck on their faces.

These slag BBs stuck to the face are fused bits of molten metal, and being metallic eventually accumulate triggering the sensor permanently on. Also note the fused BBs at the edge (BB's seem to like it there) and also the threads.


ACTIVSTONE (below) is designed to prevent the accumulation of weld spatter. Take a closer look ad this sensor exposed to an extreme test: 

No fusing of weld spatter to the face.  No fusing of BBs to the rim or the threads either. ACTIVSTONE protected the sensor!

Take a look at our ACTIVSTONE page . Every Weld Dynamix sensor is ACTIVSTONE coated. So are our accessories like mounts.


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