M12 cable that can survive in weld cells

M12 cable that can survive in weld cells

, by Steve Coulter, 1 min reading time

See this comparison of destructive testing - we connected a competitor's cable (right) to our SUPERGRADE cable (left) and ran several beads of high-spatter welds along the entire length of the cable - a total of 2 minutes duration.  Burst heat >1000 degrees.

SUPERGRADE survived quite well  - constructed with a high-temperature 5-wire shielded FEP jacketed cable, and the overmold is completely bunkered inside the dual purpose ACTIVSTONE-coated GRIPSHIELD, which functions both as an overmold shield and as the actual nut - machined out of stainless steel with high-grip knurling - this is a Weld Dynamix feature designed to extend cable life in welding environments.

The results you can see below: hi res photo here

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