Cable Protection in Harsh Factory Environments

Cable Protection in Harsh Factory Environments

, by Jim Ryan, 1 min reading time

Welding and stamping facilities use ACTIVFLEX cable protection to protect cables and hoses from damage by heat, weld slag, impact, and abrasion.

Just how much protection can be seen in the video below - a side-by-side comparison of a protected vs. unprotected standard M12 cable when subjected to intense heat.

Also, there is no need to detach your existing cables in order to install ACTIVFLEX.  It is pre-slit, and slips over your cables and hoses with the aid of an insertion tool (included). Speed of installation is key to applying onto existing lines, where getting in and out fast is critical. The video below shows the installation in seconds.


more footage of ACTIVFLEX in action here.

ACTIVFLEX was specifically designed with weld cells in mind, but it is also used in stamping applications, providing excellent abrasion resistance.

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