Cutting Weld Cell Costs

Cutting Weld Cell Costs

, by Jim Ryan, 1 min reading time

Here's a nice look at seven ways to cut weld cell costs. Add cost-saving peripherals, manage consumables, care for the MIG gun, etc.

Two things caught my eye:

1. "[S]olid mounts... can protect the robotic welding system investment, maximize its effectiveness and reduce costs." Weld Dynamix agrees. Our solid mounts protect proxes and, especially if the proxes are able to be flush-mounted, as Weld Dynamix proxes are, act as both a heat shield and heat sink for the sensors.

2. "Take advantage of training opportunities. Many robotic integrators offer training opportunities...." Indeed. Please bring us to your shop to train your weld cell personnel on how proxes work, how to protect cables, and how to mount sensors protectively. Training takes only one hour. The price? Low. Whatever you're guessing, it's lower than that.

Most importantly, Weld Dynamix proxes don't burn out. Nor do our cables or your cables if they are covered by our cable protection. They simply don't burn out. Now, that cuts costs!!

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