FABTECH 2023! Free Training at Our Booth!

FABTECH 2023! Free Training at Our Booth!

, by Steve Coulter, 1 min reading time

We'll be at FABTECH 2023, September 11-14, at booth B29093. Walk up for some free hands-on training with sensors, cables, and mounts. Use our SENSING TRAINER BOARD for a few minutes or as long as you want. It's a lot of fun! Here's what it looks like:

There you can see a 12 mm sensor is in the ON state with its lights on, and I am installing a long range 30 mm sensor, in its Cube 40 mount, onto the board. You can see four different metal samples for steel, aluminum, flat, and edge detection. Volt display indicates sensor output voltage in the photo.

Let's look at more stuff! Here's the wiring. Yes, you can take it apart and rewire it all you want.

You can set up and play with edge detection:

UPDATE: More on why this is important here.

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