Fifteen Years After Dave Bird's Started Saying That Weld Cell Sensors and Cables Needn't Fail

, by Jim Ryan, 1 min reading time

The problem of "sensors and slag" is, of course, as old as automated welding. Rudimentary, brief discussions of the issue include Robert Repas's 2005 discussion of solutions and Tony Udelhoven's 2008 similar view. These articles suggest, among other things, front caps of metal and Teflon for sensors. Then, around fifteen years ago Dave Bird began providing very specific, practical, and initially viable solutions. At Weld Dynamix we hail Bird's ideas as the first generation of solutions to weld cell component failure.

Back then, Bird noted a key psychological point: that it can seem normal that weld cell components reach end-of-life quickly and must be replaced frequently. It's like the milk in your fridge. It sours and then you buy a fresh carton. This seems normal. You don't wonder why dairies can't make it stay fresh for years.

But weld cell component failures needn't be normal anymore. Weld Dynamix has a next generation of solutions that make crucial advances.

First, let's review the issues. Bird listed several reasons for component failure. Sensors are not matched to the application, are placed incorrectly in the cell, and are not protected from heat, slag and impact. Cables and mounts aren't protected or designed to stand up to such a hostile environment. Think for a moment. Is there some reason that it should seem normal to see plastic components in a weld cell? No.

Can't mounts be robust, and can't sheilded sensors be used so that they can be flush-mounted, enabling them to evade impact and slag? And can't sensors and cables be protected so that the slag doesn't harm them even when it does make contact?


Weld Dynamix sensors, mounts, cables, and cable protection make these improvements possible. These components last indefinitely long: one and done. Moreover, the cable protection can be installed onto cables without disconnecting the cables at either end. Bird offered good initial solutions that were prescient of Weld Dynamix's Activstone coated sensors and cables, Vicemount mounts, and Activflex cable protection. These Weld Dynamix products fulfill Bird's vision. When you switch out your weld-cell components, use Weld Dynamix components.

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