Massively Chip Immune

Massively Chip Immune

, by Steve Coulter, 1 min reading time

This picture basically tells the story.

Inductive prox ignores metal chips and debris - and still detects intended targets accurately - WELD DYNAMIX

A large pile of mild steel chips sitting directly on the face of a 30mm WSI-3016-SAAH sensor. 

Sensor still operates perfectly for our customer's unique requirement: needed at least 10mm sensing distance when slightly recessed into a 30mm steel pocket on a large table in an environment with tons of metal chips. We accomplished 11.8mm range in this application even when the pocket was full of metal fragments, and recessed into mild steel plate.

This situation is more common than you think. A sensor, when is oriented vertically, can retain metal debris on the sensing surface causing the sensor to switch on.  Because Weld Dynamix WSI circuitry discriminates between the signal of FIDs (fragmentary inductive disturbances) and UIDs (uniform inductive disturbances) we can effectively ignore fragments and detect only the desired target.  

This discrimination is further set to recognize any target placed into the sensing field: flat, curved, edge or point.

Proximity sensor ignores metal chips and debris - Weld Dynamix Inductive Sensors

This unique design allows the WSI series to perform flawlessly in virtually any location.

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