Recent Factory Automation News for January 11, 2024

Recent Factory Automation News for January 11, 2024

, by Jim Ryan, 1 min reading time

Will there be good news for Canadian auto suppliers in 2024? Inquiring minds want to know.

A3 has a look at the latest in machine vision for manufacturing.

Are you into metal? An update on the U.S.'s metal tarriffs for EU is here. What about testing auto parts where the metal meets the road? The Fabricator's Nick Martin has that here. And Eziil takes a look at precision laser metal cutting.

Yet another story of cobots helping a manufacturer: Skyvington increases capacity using them.

At Industrial Cyber, Jonathan Gordon has a series of six articles on manufacturing cybersecurity, including the threats, risks, and best practices. The sixth article, on regulations and compliance, has links to the other five.

Who's buying who: Bradbury Group acquires Press Room Equipment and Mursix acquires Aul Brothers Tool and Die.

Resistance welding training seminars in Lansing, MI, Bowling Green, KY, and Cedar Rapids, IA are noted here, wherein there is this link to the training web page. It looks like these are one-day or one-and-a-half day classes for about $495/day by T.J. Snow.

More on edge computing and IoT software platforms: An interview with Steven Ward of Emerson here. Inductive Automation has updated its edge platform. On that note, Helen Sydney Adams has a report on 70 new smart factories in Shanghai.

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