Sensing Hot Targets

Sensing Hot Targets

, by Steve Coulter, 1 min reading time

Many plants use our WSI-1206 in high temperature locations - in close proximity to the weld and radiated heat.  This sensor, as with the entire Z-PROX line is well-suited for this application, not just because of its ACTIVSTONE coated 304 stainless face, but because of the high-temperature internals, which resist liquification and allow reliable sensing through high cycles of extreme burst temperatures (we test at >1000°).

In comparison see below - subjected to extreme temperatures at the face, this other brand "weld-immune" sensor liquified, pushing the expanded internal materials out the face.

failed weld immune sensor - other brand

Mechanical strength and high temperature resistance of the Weld Dynamix design  make it a good choice for welding environments, but another feature is also incorporated into the ASIC parameters to ensure correct operation:

12mm sensor range - long distance on aluminum and steel - Weld Dynamix WSI-1206

Sensing range and Hysteresis values have been tuned to compensate for these high temperature bursts, to keep the sensor from prematurely locking on, even when running past the sensor published thermal specifications.



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