Sensors With Cables (they die fast, but there is hope)

Sensors With Cables (they die fast, but there is hope)

, by Steve Coulter, 1 min reading time

I think you all will agree that sensors with integrated cables die out quickly - its almost always the cable that goes.  No mystery why.  Fragile, small diameter PVC or PUR cable jackets poke out the end of a sensor - these are easily cut, melted or chaffed, leaving no choice but to replace the entire sensor assembly.

Below you can foresee the destiny of this flat pack.

For sensors already installed in the field, ACTIVFLEX can be easily applied as a protective measure.  ACTIVFLEX is a simple yet rugged high temperature flexible protection that DOES NOT REQUIRE ANYTHING BE DISCONNECTED!  It can be installed in seconds in the most kludgy wiring scenario.

Weld Dynamix pre-applies ACTIVFLEX to all our cabled sensors.

Weld DYnamix protects its cabled sensors with ACTIVFLEX

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