Tregaskiss on Reducing Weld Cell Downtime

Tregaskiss on Reducing Weld Cell Downtime

, by Steve Coulter, 1 min reading time

In a 2016 article updated through 2021, Tregaskiss makes some keen observations and good suggestions, and the article of course discusses the problem of weld spatter, particularly on "consumables". 

Some plants even think of their sensors and cables as consumables, since their limited life means frequent, even scheduled, replacement. 

My first glimpse into this reality was nearly 20 years ago working on a project with DANA's frame welding facility in Stockton California.  Their purchasing manager told me the quarterly spend - just on sensor & cables - was over $45K.  Just for sensors and cables!

Weld Dynamix set out to permanently change that consumables paradigm - sensors and cables aren't "consumables" if they're from Weld Dynamix. Now plants can drastically reduce both their downtime and their components costs.

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