Why We Focused On The Threads

Why We Focused On The Threads

, by Steve Coulter, 1 min reading time

Of course the face of the sensor needs to be protected from weld spatter - since one fused molten BB on the face could quickly latch the sensor "on" and render it useless.

But in the development of ACTIVSTONE, as we looked further into historical sensor failures in weld cells, another key issue surfaced - latched spatter globs on the threads!  Since weld spatter likes to fuse onto hard edges - the multiple sharp outer edges of the threads make a perfect attachment point! This was probably the most difficult problem we had to solve - a coating that could stick to the threads yet still allow the nuts to spin on!

So a special coating process was developed to handle this issue - a precise and controlled thickness of ACTIVSTONE reaches the very outside edges of the threads - BB formation is hampered, and the nuts still spin on!

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