Customer Uses Our Mount and Sensor Cleverly

Customer Uses Our Mount and Sensor Cleverly

, by Jim Ryan, 1 min reading time

What do you do when you are replacing a proximity sensor and mount that just kept failing but the location is one where the better components you are about to install require the mounting holes be in a different location? You turn the mount around and see if the mount works backwards! In this case, the customer had great success.

We took this photo at the customer's plant this week. The sensor and mount have been working for months now without issue.

The customer turned our mount around and inserted the laser. It worked beautifully! This is a view from the top. Notice the weld slag kept in place by gravity but not causing any problem. Both mount and sensor are coated by ACTIVSTONE and they continue to function under the harsh conditions.

This backwards mounting attitude will mean that the sensor is more exposed to the slag and has less heat sink protection from the mount; you can see the sensor's threads. Here is a view of our mounts, so you can see what I mean. When you flush mount our sensors in a mount that isn't turned backwards, you get nice protection in addition to the ACTIVSTONE coating. And our sensors have good range when flush mounted.

We posted more photos from our tour of customer weld cells a couple of days ago: here, here, here, and here.

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