Seth Perrin and Roger Robey on Reducing Welding Costs

, by Jim Ryan, 1 min reading time

Speaking of both automated and semi-automated welding, Perrin points out some overlooked factors, from the importance of GMAW gun selection and (with Roger Robey) a variety of other considerations, even including maintaining "a clean, temperature controlled facility."

Perrin and Robey say something that is music to our ears here at Weld Dynamix:

While it’s tempting to buy the cheapest contact tips, nozzles, and gas diffusers available, they typically don’t last as long as high-quality products, and they cost more in labor and downtime due to more frequent changeover. Shops shouldn’t be afraid to test different products and run documented trials to find the best options.

When a shop finds the best consumables, it can save time in inventory management by using the same ones across all welding operations in the facility.
However, Perrin and Robey don't mention sensors, mounts, or cables. Don't forget those. Weld Dynamix has a line of these that eliminates the need for replacement: "one and done" products, such as Weld Dynamix's Activstone coated sensors</a> and cables, Vicemount mounts, and Activflex cable protection.
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