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  • "Yeah, I Need to Automate My Welding Process": A Roundup

    , by Jim Ryan "Yeah, I Need to Automate My Welding Process": A Roundup

    If it has become clear to you that you really should automate your welding process, you have lots of thinking to do before moving forward...

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  • TIG Cobot

    , by Jim Ryan TIG Cobot

    Matt Bush reports on yet another success with cobots, this time with TIG welding.

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  • The Power of the Arm

    , by Jim Ryan The Power of the Arm

    RoboDK takes a look at the importance of industrial robotic arms as industrial automation moves toward Industry 4.0. Robots.com also takes a look at robot...

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  • Cobots, Robots...

    , by Jim Ryan Cobots, Robots...

    Mat Dirjish has more on choosing between cobot and robot and Paul Richards has an article on what to look for in a cobot.

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  • Semiautomatic Welding

    , by Jim Ryan Semiautomatic Welding

    We noted before Austin Weber's article on semiautomatic welding as a good option for some shops. It bears remention. "Fully automated welding is often not...

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  • , by Jim Ryan The Difficult Path to Lights-Out Manufacturing

    Rehanna Begg has thoughts.

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  • , by Jim Ryan Getting Started with Factory Cybersecurity

    It's time to get used to the idea that manufacturers are at the top of the list of targets for hackers: state sponsored advanced persistent...

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  • , by Jim Ryan Automation Doesn't Mean Fewer Manufacturing Jobs?

    An article from Brad Marley at SME argues that "more automation doesn't mean fewer manufacturing jobs." The idea seems to be that machines will "ensure...

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  • Should I Automate My Manufacturing Process? If So, How Much Should I Automate It?

    , by Jim Ryan Should I Automate My Manufacturing Process? If So, How Much Should I Automate It?

    Okay, longish post, for those of you trying to decide whether to automate your manufacturing process and, if the answer is yes, how much to...

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  • , by Jim Ryan Help Getting Started in Robotic Welding: Factory Automation Integrators

    If you need to automate your process, help selecting an integrator is here and here.

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  • , by Jim Ryan More on Whether, When, and How to Automate Your Welding Process

    Whether, when, and how are all important questions that have received considerable attention before. Now Nick Drake at Canadian Fabricating & Welding has more on...

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  • , by Jim Ryan Fully Automated Factories and Warehouses?

    Here's a short read and a view from 30,000 ft, mainly from the perspective of supply chain facilities, from Sharon Spielman at MachineDesign Dark Factories:...

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  • , by Jim Ryan Seth Perrin and Roger Robey on Reducing Welding Costs

    Speaking of both automated and semi-automated welding, Perrin points out some overlooked factors, from the importance of GMAW gun selection and (with Roger Robey) a...

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  • , by Steve Coulter Okay, But What is Robotic Welding?

    Never heard of it? A first look from Rice Automation: What is Robotic Welding and what do weld cells and welding robots look like?This nice...

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