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  • , by Jim Ryan Fifteen Years After Dave Bird's Started Saying That Weld Cell Sensors and Cables Needn't Fail

    The problem of "sensors and slag" is, of course, as old as automated welding. Rudimentary, brief discussions of the issue include Robert Repas's 2005 discussion...

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  • , by Jim Ryan Dave Bird on PMA Panel Next Week

    Today the first of three Precision MetalForming Association Panels was held. The second MetalForming LIVE panel happens next week (Tuesday, July 18, 2 - 3:30...

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  • , by Jim Ryan Seth Perrin and Roger Robey on Reducing Welding Costs

    Speaking of both automated and semi-automated welding, Perrin points out some overlooked factors, from the importance of GMAW gun selection and (with Roger Robey) a...

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  • , by Steve Coulter Okay, But What is Robotic Welding?

    Never heard of it? A first look from Rice Automation: What is Robotic Welding and what do weld cells and welding robots look like?This nice...

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  • , by Jim Ryan Army Weld Cells?

    In case you missed it, the U.S. Army is developing weld automation for next generation combat vehicles.

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